About purchase:

     We are pleased to introduce ourselves, an authorized exporter and distributor for all range of  Yingfa and Sprotz products,to you.


Means of Payment:

    You may make the payment to us via Paypal or via bank transfer and we will keep the privacy for all your personal information. 

Online Tracking

     You may track the actual transport situation of your parcels that we have sent out by the tracking websites of main countries that we have provided linking in our website.



      If you would like to purchase any items of Yingfa and Sportz  products in a quite large  quantity per order, please do kindly contact us via phone, fax, e-mail or leave
a message online to us, then we will be willing to offer our most attractive &  competitive wholesale prices to you.

Shipping and cost:

      We have been cooperated well with the worldwide Express & Logistic Service Corporations such as FedEx, TNT, DHL and EMS in order to provide you with the variety of delivery services that you exactly required.                     

    To America To Europe To Australia Speed Cost
★★★★ Airmail 7-15 Days 7-15 Days 7-15 Days Common Low
★★ SAL(Air+Ssa) 15-30 Days 15-30 Days 15-30 Days Slower Lower
Sea 30-45 Days 30-45 Days 30-45 Days Slowest Lowest
★★★★★ EMS 4-7 Days 4-7 Days 4-7 Days Quick Medium
★★★ FedEX 4-5 Days 4-5 Days 4-5 Days Quicker High
★★★ UPS 4-5 Days 4-5 Days 4-5 Days Quicker High
★★★ DHL 4-5 Days 4-5 Days 4-5 Days Quicker High
★★★★ TNT 4-5 Days 4-5 Days 2-3 Days Quicker High

                                        "Days" above-mentioned is referred to working days.



       If you intend to become one of Yingfa and Sportz authorized oversea distributor, you are required to contact us through whom you would be considered by Yingfa and Sportz  in becoming one of authorized Yingfa and Sportz  oversea distributor.   


       In case that the products you have selected to buy is out of available, we will immediately notify you suggesting to exchange into other sizes or color options for your original selected products via email; and meanwhile we will refuse/return the amount paid from you via Paypal or via bank transfer, provided that we are refused for our suggestions.